Here is Why Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry is a Good Decision for You

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While looking for jewelry, the first thing that becomes a reason of concern is the metal of the jewelry.  One must keep in mind the metal as it determines the look as well the durability of the jewelry one is buying.  The best answer to this dilemma is sterling silver.  Sterling Silver is an alloy containing 92.5% of silver by weight and 7.5% of other metals usually copper and sometimes other metals like zinc or nickel. This is done as pure silver is too soft to be made into things and hence is alloyed with other metal to increase its durability and strength.  It has many purposes like making coins, decorative items, utensils and jewelry.  In fact, sterling silver jewelry is one of the upcoming favorites in the market.  There are a multitude of reasons for why you should buy sterling silver jewelry.

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The most fundamental reason is that sterling silver has increased strength than other metals like pure silver or gold.  Thus, it is more durable than thesemetals.  This is especially convenient if one is looking for daily use jewelry as it can take the rough and tough wear. 

Secondly, sterling silver jewelry gives a stunning look and highlights the overall personality of the person wearing it.  The sparkle and the shine of sterling silver jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and hence, it is becoming a new trend among women. 

Thirdly, Sterling Silver is cost effective as it offers the same look as that of silver but is obviously cheaper than pure silver.  Thus,  it offers you the most price for your bucks.  Moreover, it is best suited for simple daily wear jewelry as it is not heavy on the pockets.

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Fourthly, Sterling Silver looks exactly like white gold or platinum and hence,  is a good choice for jewelry.  It gives a ethereal look but is not as expensive as platinum.  The classic metal also ensures that it goes well with any look that one is aiming for. 

Lastly, Sterling Silver is much easier to maintain.  While it is true that sterling silver is more prone to tarnishing than pure silver,  it can also be polished very easily to attain a perfect new shine.  Furthermore,  it is also easer to remold into other jewelry as it is a cheaper metal with less making charges. 

Sterling Silver is hence,  become one of the hottest trends in the jewelry market  With the rise of online marketing,  the sale of sterling silver jewelry has shot up as surveys and sale figures indicates.  The versatility and unique appeal is also why you should buy sterling silver jewelry more often.  Statement pieces like cuff earrings, climber jackets and bold rings look especially fantastic in sterling silver.  It is a cheaper alternative jewelry pieces but in no way less stunning than others. 

2 comentarios

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    This was an amazing article, i really liked the way you have presented the article. Thank you for sharing this article.
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    I also bought some awesome sterling silver earrings and necklace from Inspired Silver and as you mentioned above it was really a good value product. Nice post.

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