Everything You Want to Know About 925 Sterling Silver and Gemstone


What is a Natural Gemstone?
The term Natural Gemstones refers to those gemstone that are found in nature with no interference from humans. They can be mined, cut/faceted and polished to enhance its beauty. If a stone is identified as natural, this
means that it has not been treated, enhanced or altered by human activities. Faceting (Shaping & Polishing) is allowed for a stone to still be considered natural.
Natural stones have discoloration, cracks and/or inclusions which needs to be removed. Treatments are applied to fix these “flaws” in the stone. For example, when Tanzanite is mined, it’s actually brown in color but to get
that beautiful blue hue, it must be heat treated.

What is a Lab Created Gemstone?
The gemstones are referred as “created” because these are made in laboratories with exactly same chemical composition as that of stone created in nature. The chemical composition kept same while its creation in the
laboratory. 'Lab Created', 'Synthetic', 'Artificial', 'Man-made' and 'Lab-grown' are the other terms used to identify these stones.

      Check out some Lab Created 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection

  925 Sterling Silver Lab Created Opal Rings

What is a Certified Gemstone?
Based on predefined standards, all colored gemstones including diamonds are graded and certified by a licensed gemologist for their authenticity. Certifications do, however, often offer the buyer confidence and transparency
for large purchases. A certified gemstone from a reputable seller offers more peace of mind to a buyer, but most of the times it comes with a higher price tag.

What is a Simulated Gemstone?
A simulated gemstones “look like” natural gemstone but there is a difference in its chemical composition. These are also called “alternatives” and serve as additional stone options that is cheaper in cost in comparison to
natural gemstone. Simulated gemstones are also called 'imitation', 'faux' and 'fake' stones.

    Have a Glance at Some of the Stylish Simulated Gemstones Jewelry

     Simulated CZ Rings

What is 925 Sterling Silver?
Sterling silver jewelry has become quite popular in the last few years. Like pure gold, pure silver is quite soft and difficult to shape properly, and would easily bend or break if used for jewelry without being blended with a
stronger metal. This means that sterling silver is a combination of pure silver and some other metal alloy. Usually, Sterling silver is 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of copper or zinc alloy. Sterling silver is much more durable
because of the added metal alloys.

Rhodium Plating:
It is a special technique in which a thin layer of the chemical solution which contains gold, rose gold, or rhodium are applied on the on the outer surface of the 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry piece with the help of electricity.
That's how we get yellow tone, rose tone or black tone 925 sterling silver jewelry.

   Here are Some Handcrafted Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

 925 Sterling Silver Rings


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    I really liked your way of presenting the article. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.
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    The way you have presented this wonderful article is amazing. Thank you for sharing this great article.
  • Posted on by Alex Kim
    Your way of presenting the article is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this amazing article.
  • Posted on by Alex Kim
    Thank you for sharing this amazing article, I really liked the way you have presented this article. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

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