How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry


When it comes to sterling silver jewelry, it is hard not to be crazy about it. Between its versatility, its brilliance, and its lustre, it is easy to see why women prefer silver as their jewelry.

Still, majority of us find ourselves ignoring the overall beauty of a sterling silver piece in our jewelry boxes for one reason only - tarnish.  When sulphur or oxygen comes in direct contact with the sterling silver piece, they bond chemically with its surface and make silver look discoloured or dirty.  Who wants that?

Luckily, taking care of silver and reducing the tarnish is as simple as doing the dishes. All you need to learn is a few tips and tricks for caring and cleaning of sterling silver. Let’s us guide you so that you can start wearing your fabulous sterling silver jewelry again with all its shine!

sterling silver jewelry

Preventative care -

  • Wear – One way you can avoid tarnish on your silver jewelry is by wearing it often. Your skin oils will clean the sterling silver and keep it shiny.
  • Avoid exposure –Make sure you avoid direct contact of your jewelry with household chemicals, chlorinated water, rubber, perspiration, or any substances that contain sulphur (e.g., eggs, mayonnaise, onions, mustard, wool, latex), since this can cause tarnish and corrosion — so it is highly recommended to remove sterling silver jewelry while carrying out daily household chores. Direct sunlight may also cause silver to tarnish, so make sure that the jewelry box is not kept where the sunlight falls, also make sure to take off the jewelry before you go for sunbathing and swimming.

Cosmetics, perfumes, hair products and spray, and lotions are also the “enemies” of sterling silver and can accelerate tarnishing. This is the reason why women for generations prefer putting their jewelry at the last, as a finishing touch.

  • Storage – Since the sterling silver tends to get tarnish when exposed to direct air, storing silver in airtight bag with anti tarnish strips can be a great preventative measure. But make sure you don’t put multiple jewelry pieces together in the same bag, as individual pieces can scratch each other. Chain bracelets or link should also be kept unhooked or unclasped to avoid scratching as well. If you can’t afford plastic bags, try storing them in the areas with low humidity. You can place a packet of activated charcoal, a piece of chalk, or a container of silica gel in your jewelry box to minimize tarnish.

Give a fresh start to your silver jewelry -

Well cared sterling silver jewelry can give you many years of enjoyment and pleasure and can even become heirlooms of the family. And, no doubt, when it comes to jewelry silver is valuable. So don’t wait for your sterling silver to turn colorless, give it a regular care. Just regular 5-6 minutes of care can add years to your sterling silver jewelry. Don’t wait for your silver to get corrode, give your silver jewelry a fresh start today!

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