Wedding Ring Trends in the Market Today


With all the emphasis on the sparkling beautiful diamond of your engagement ring, it is easy to forget the wedding band, so let us list down the latest wedding rings for women trends in the market that will surely get you thinking -

Resurgence of plain bands -

Wedding bands have been in existence for ages, but with every era unfolding wedding ring styles have become more and more complex, but today the market has seen a return to the classic plain eternal circle that symbolises the couple and their marriage will last for eternity. On the other hand part from this trend, wedding bands coupled with diamonds that sets around the entire circumference of the ring are also still very popular among the women.

Stacked rings

Putting multiple wedding rings on one another is a fashionable trend in today’s fashion market and wedding bands can be easily made up of two or more rings of different sort of colours or materials, worn together on the same finger. As a couple you can use the same principle with wedding and engagement rings, you get wear both the rings in a manner that fits together on the same finger giving a look of a single ring. If you plan to buy an eternity ring in the future, you can even leave space to add that too.

wedding rings for women

Individual bands

It is a little old hat that the groom and bride wears the matching wedding rings and there is minimal chance of you happen to have exactly the same tastes as your partner, this tends to make one of you to compromise on their ring choice. If possible make sure that you get at least one element of your wedding rings to match such as the design element, engraving, or the material, but otherwise the wedding rings should reflect the individual styling and personalities of the couple.

Colour mixing 

Wedding rings made from a different range of coloured metals are extremely popular among the women, and if you are the bride that loves to wear both silver and gold jewellery together can simply go for this option. You can give your ring special meaning simply by combining different colours of gold together; white gold represents friendship, pink gold represents love, and yellow gold shows fidelity.

Vintage bridal rings 

No matter which era we live in, when it comes to the wedding ring all things vintage is a big new in the wedding industry. If you belong to the family that don’t have a handy family heirloom, you can always check out jewellers that sells second hand jewellery, or simply go for the new wedding inspired by a vintage design.

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